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Manufacture & Wholesale of Automotive Tools: Customized/OEM


Taiwan/China Tools Manufacturer Connection

Based on our long-term experiences with the automotive manufacturing industries in both Taiwan and China, we have developed very close relationships with many auto tool (incl. hand tools) manufacturers. These close relationships have grown into strong partnerships we value and depend on to offer you good products and services. Our manufacturing partners can provide us with extremely competitive prices as well as high quality assurance. We are also regularly updated by them on their newest product information. We have carefully chosen each Taiwan and China-based manufacturer because of their ability to cooperate with us in...

1. the creation of new automotive tools

2. the innovation of OEM tooling requests

3. development of custom auto tools

4. meeting our strict auto tool quality control standards (see below)

Of course, these are criteria we insist on so that you, the customer, are more than satisfied with the results. Regarding manufacturers in China, we have several close partners that have opened or relocated their factories to China. These relationships allow us to trust in high quality control while at the same time, taking advantage of lower overheads. Of course such manufacturing advantages are passed onto our customers with business advantages they benefit from.

Strict Manufacturing Process

Throughout the production of client automotive (auto) tools / hand tools we focus very strictly on quality control. This is what turns clients into long-term clients because the quality we demand of our manufacturers exceeds that of our clients.

> learn more about the quality control of automotive tools manufacture

China and Taiwan Automotive Manufacturer Resource

Although we work with a number of close partners here in Taiwan and across the water in China, we also keep a very comprehensive record of other kinds of manufacturers (factories), wholesalers, Chinese and Taiwanese. Our resource includes all the necessary information on these other tools factories and it has been broken down into categories. It covers tools factories specializing in general hand tools, air conditioning, power tools, cordless tools, air (pneumatic) tools, diagnostic tools, and other tools. We keep these details so that we can help clients if they require any information on prices and specifications of other products.

Chain Worldwide Automotive Exporter/Distributor Services

Being a reputable supplier (exporter / distributor), we do a lot of business with a number of famous auto tools companies worldwide - especially in the USA, EURO countries, UK, and Japan.

We credit our success to our ability to meet our customers' products (automotive tools) requirements on time and at extremely competitive prices. We can accomplish all this for you without sacrificing the production of high quality tools that come with our renowned top-value customer service.