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Quality Control of Automotive Tools Manufacture

Strict Manufacturing Process

Throughout the production of client automotive tools we focus very strictly on quality control. This is what turns clients into long-term clients because the quality we demand of our manufacturers exceeds that of our clients.

At Chain we believe in keeping our clients updated on the creation of their tools throughout the manufacturing process. This ensures the client is happy as well as providing the most efficient service that eliminates mistakes and dangers of exceeding budgets/manufacturing time.

A typical project takes on the following processing system:

  1. Chain recieves client's order
    Designs are recieved by Chain and a contact is drawn up.

  2. Chain orders a sample
    Project is assigned to manufacturer and specifications are established.

  3. Chain evaluates sample
    Specialists at Chain study the manufacturers sample to ensure the client's order is matched.

  4. Customer approves sample
    The sample tool is sent to the client who gives Chain manufacture approval.

  5. Chain orders tools
    Chain puts the full tool order in with the manufacturer.

  6. Latest sample is approved
    Chain recieves the full order from the manufacturer and another sample is sent to the client for approval.

  7. Clients order is delivered
    The full order is delivered to the client on time and on spec.

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The Chain Enterprises company is Taiwan's leading manufacturer of OEM automobile tools, products, and accessories. With leading auto tool exporter services to international clients, we are your best choice if you need a supplier for your automotive wholesale business. Our manufacture of auto tooling is managed using a strict quality control process that is ISO approved. Contact us for more details of our solutions for wholesaler and distributor companies.


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