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Our Business & History

CHAIN ENTERPRISES CO., LTD in Taichung, Taiwan was established in 1973. At Chain Enterprises we operate worldwide and specialize in supplies of auto repair tools, parts and accessories. This year is our 43th anniversary and today Chain Enterprises continues to provide its international clients with high quality products at competitive prices utilizing the highest standards of customer service.

Our Five Competitive Advantages

Our over 43 years of experience in automotive tools and professional tools has taught us to work to our strengths:

  1. Experienced R&D Department
    We are always seeking new ideas and chances to obtain patents. Because of our extensive experience, we are able to keep improving the function and design of hand tools, parts and accessories for automotive repair and maintenance.

  2. OEM Capability
    Our customers can give prints or samples of tooling to us, and then we make the requested product according to these. This invaluable OEM ability has lead (and continues to lead) Chain Enterprises to successful business relationships with numerous large and respected auto tool companies in the U.S.

  3. Production Capacity
    Due to the strong relationship we have with our manufacturing partners, we are able to quickly provide customers with large amounts of volume products within short periods of time.

  4. Large Product Line
    We constantly update our information on manufactures as well as products so that we are able to offer our customers the widest selection of products.

  5. Buyer's Specification Accepted
    We are able to instruct the manufactures to customize any products as the customer requires. This includes specifications such as package design, logos, preferred color, and much more.

Our Mission

Providing our customers with high quality products and services at competitive prices.

Our Leadership

We believe we have pull together an excellent group of leaders to guide CHAIN and its customers.



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The Chain Enterprises company is Taiwan's leading manufacturer of OEM automobile tools, products, and accessories. With leading auto tool exporter services to international clients, we are your best choice if you need a supplier for your automotive wholesale business. Our manufacture of auto tooling is managed using a strict quality control process that is ISO approved. Contact us for more details of our solutions for wholesaler and distributor companies.


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